Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 11/13/2008

A New Day dawns for America

This is a reprint from my old blog –

Well, if you lived in the United States it’s either been a defining moment in history or the most upsetting election loss ever. What’s great about the internet is it gives the ability to communicate with other people that live in other countries. And it definitely came in handy yesterday – it was really incredible sharing the excitement, optimism and hope with US residents as they voted in their first African-American president.

What’s been interesting for me is observing how reaction to Obama in my part of the world is divided along generational lines. Those in the below 50 age bracket have a very positive response to his election victory. Those in the above 50 age-bracket really couldn’t care less (ie. the "Meh" reaction). I think that reaction stems partly from cynicism and disillusionment about the political process in both the US and Australia, and also from a lack of understanding of how international events can affect local economies and businesses. They’ve seen it all before (re: Gough Whitlam) and they’ve been burned before (re: The Dismissal).

I think it’s so different for me, because I’m regularly interacting with people who actually live in the country where this election is taking place. And I think I’m aware of how Australia will be affected by the policies of whoever takes over the White House next year.

It’s been an amazing 12 months: First John Howard is removed from power in (what I consider) the most surprising election victory in my lifetime. And then an even more amazing and impossible election victory occurs in the US. After 8 years of Neo-Conservative rule in both here and the US, I’d stopped believing in Governments or people. After this, I might just start trusting in people again.


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