Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 11/13/2008

Microsoft = Republican?

I was perusing the VB Forums message board and noticed this thread decrying the Barack Obama’s election victory. That does cement my perception of IT Professionals in general – most of them vote for Conservative political parties, as they support unregulated Free Markets – an economic situation which has greatly benefited most IT Professionals in the Private Sector who have high-paying salaries.

VB Forums is inherently a Pro-Microsoft message board. Sometimes to the point of wilful blindness – the moderators and other posters there won’t here a word of criticism against Microsoft, even when it’s justified (eg. Windows Vista). So I’m definitely the odd one out. I enjoy using the .NET Development platform, but I I’ve refused to use Windows Vista because I think it’s an incredibly unstable operating system. A viewpoint which would make me a pariah amongst the Pro-Republican Pro-Microsoft crowd over at VBForums.

It’s a shame, really. VB Forums is great for getting advice on .NET and VB6 issues. Just don’t criticise Microsoft while you’re there, otherwise you’ll probably get banned.


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