Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 11/13/2008

Unpresented Majority?!!?

I could only shake my head ruefully when I read this article in today’s Mercury.

"Tasmania has an abundance of bogans," said Fenech, who ran an ad in
the Mercury classifieds yesterday calling for bogans to attend

He said there had been an "explosion" of bogans in Australia in recent times which gave him the idea for the TV series. "We can’t ignore it any more," Fenech said. "We’ve got to cover these bogans … to give bogans true credit, they are the unrepresented majority."

Unpresented?!!? I thought the Howard Government would’ve more than adequately covered the concerns of bogans during its time in office. Let’s see: We have its anti-migrant stance which started with the Tampa affair and culminated in the Pacific solution. The Culture Wars against Intellectuals and Artists which has devastated Australian Culture. It’s hairy-chested full-throated support for the US Bush Administration and the Iraq War. And finally we have Workchoices legislation which took power away from the Aussie Battler and gave more power to the Corporate Big Bosses. I would’ve classified all of this as Bogan-friendly legislation. So what the h*ll are they complaining about?

Bogans scare me. I saw a gang of them at the Glenorchy bus stop today. They travel in packs, and I think they’re the constant bane of commuting Office workers everywhere. This explosion in the bogan population can be traced back to two causes: a lack of education, and a culture that pushes self-gratification and greed over individual responsibility, empathy and community. It’ll take another 10 years before the bogan population subsides, and that’s only if the community focuses on stamping them out.


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