Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 11/17/2008

About to exit Bogan-Ville

My car insurer (AAMI) just informed me that my car might be ready by Tuesday COB this week. After one whole week of taking public transport, I’ll be elated to get my car back. Looking back on the experience, there are advantages and disadvantages:


  • Driving a car to work everyday costs $60 per fortnight on petrol, versus $36 per fortnight if I used a Bus.
  • I can also catnap on the commute to work, which means I’m more efficient in the morning.
  • Parking Fees: I’m currently spending about $100 per month in parking fees, so taking the bus into work saves money there too.


  • Early-morning commute: I’d have to leave the house before 8am each morning to catch the bus to work. With the car, I can leave whenever I like.
  • The Bogan Factor: Public safety on buses is a constant problem in Hobart. I’ve been told by a friend that there are plenty of bogans on the 5:30pm buses.

The obvious solution is to catch the bus on some days, and take the car into work on others. That way, I could save money on petrol, and still have use of the car.


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