Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 11/19/2008

Catholic Priest says Education is a sin

Does anyone know what point this gentleman is trying to make?

"What we have witnessed in Western societies since the end of the Second
  World War is the development of mass education on a scale unprecedented in
  human history – resulting in economic growth, scientific and technological
  advances, and the cultural and social enrichment of billions of people’s
  lives," he said.

"However, every human endeavor has a dark side, due to original sin and
  concupiscence. In the case of education, we can see its distortion through
  the widespread dissemination of radical scepticism, positivism,
  utilitarianism and relativism.

"Taken together, these intellectual trends have resulted in a fragmented
  society that marginalizes God, with many people mistakenly thinking they can
  live happy and productive lives without him.

"It shouldn’t surprise us that the shadows cast by the distortion of
  education, and corresponding societal changes, have also touched members of
  the Church. As Pope Benedict XVI puts it, even in the Church we find
  hedonism, selfishness and egocentric behavior."

Translation: Let’s stop educating Children in schools and send them all to Church instead. If they remain nice and dumb, then we’ll have plenty of worshippers. This Reverend is suggesting nothing less than the return to the Dark Ages in modern society. He is, in other words, suggesting that the UK should become like the Deep South in the US, and only listen to Fox News and the Catholic Church rather than acquiring knowledge and wisdom.

Remarks like these remind me again why I never bother visiting Church on Sundays.


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