Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 11/21/2008

Boldly going where others have gone before – the new Trek trailer

My opinion is that it was a well put together trailer. But it’s
impossible for me to judge the entire film based on less than 3 minutes
of footage. However, I had negative sentiments towards both Batman
Begins and Transformers too. Much to my surprise, I loved the former
and thought the latter was actually incredibly dumb but watchable.

Devin Faraci at CHUD.COM has provided a very negative review of
the new footage. I think the article summarizes a lot of concerns that
people have about the new film. My biggest fear is that it’ll be a
dumbed-down populist retelling of Trek. Even if the film does well, I
think hardcore
Trek fans (like Devin) will desert the franchise in droves because it’s
not their Trek.

But JJ Abrams has clearly decided that keeping the
franchise fresh is worth alienating old fans to attact new ones.
I disagree with Devin when he hopes a Trek film will be successful.
Trek will never be successful again because its
message of optimism and hope isn’t what people want to hear right now. There’s a reason why BSG is so popular.

But again, I’d loved to be proved wrong. I want to love this film. I
want to believe that Star Trek’s themes  can still resonate with people
today. I’m just not sure if anybody actually caresanymore.


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