Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 11/25/2008

An incentive to avoid torrential downpours

I read with interest AFACT’s legal case against iiNET – it looks like they have a good chance of winning. What’s ironic is that iiNET is launching its own PVR Service, which will give users the ability to watch legal movies and TV via the internet. It shows just how out-of-touch both the music, film and TV industry are when they see the internet as a threat rather than the cash-cow that it can be.

Instead of destroying the pirates and hurting law-abiding users as collateral damage, why not compete against them instead? Why not work on a way of delivering TV and films for download to their customers via the internet? Apple iTunes offers a similar service in the US. Why not here?

I believe the best way to combat piracy is a two-pronged approach: Provide an incentive to law-abiding customers that allows them to watch TV and film online, thereby giving people less incentive to pirate. And also use legal means to go after the providers only whena ll else fails. At the moment, they’re doing the latter, but not the former.


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