Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 11/27/2008

Just call me Dilbert

I have no idea why, but management have decided to play musical chairs and shuffle everyone to different locations around the floor. While everyone else has been given an office with a door, I’ve been shoved into a tiny cubicle right in the middle of the floor. Like all cubicles, it has a glass partition so there’s no privacy. It’s also in the middle of a busy and noisy thoroughfare, so it’s impossible to concentrate on your work.

Just what the hell are they thinking?

I can think of several reasons why they did this, none of them pleasant –

  • They don’t think the work I do is important enough to warrant a private office. Which is bloody ridiculous, as I’m maintaining three different software applications – two of them for different sections. The other is reporting software that everyone in the Department uses.
  • They’re sending a message that perhaps it’s time for me to find work elsewhere. Which is also stupid, as they’re short-handed enough as it is.
  • The new seating arrangements were planned by somebody who didn’t know what kind of office planning was required for the jobs we do.

I’d really like to believe it was the 3rd reason, but with a new manager something tells me it might be  either of the first two reasons. And that really offends me. I’ve been working in my current position for the past 4 years. If they’d had any problems with the work I was doing, why didn’t they tell me earlier rather than shoving me into a shitty cubicle?

There are several measures I can take –

  • Put some posters on the glass partition so I can get a little privacy.
  • Buy some closed-stereo headphones so I won’t get too distracted by all the awful noise.
  • Instead of positioning the PC facing into the office so I’m facing everybody else, reposition the table so it’s facing towards the window. At least then, I get a nice view.
  • Definitely work much shorter hours. Sorry – but I can’t see myself working long hours in such a noisy and distracting environment.

What’s worse is all of these decisions were made without consulting me, or anyone else. That’s what I really resent. We’re all pretty intelligent people here, and if they’d tried talking with us about the new seating arrangements instead of silently and subtly threatening us, they probably would’ve gotten better results. I used to really love working at this place – even after the upheavals and dramas that’ve happened over the past two years. As it is, I’m seriously considering my options at the moment.


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