Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 12/09/2008

I don’t think this is what Tom Hanks had in mind…

…when he portrayed Forrest Gump.I find it unnerving that parents are so obsessed with getting into these "selective schools". What's even more disturbing is that the parents didn't see anything wrong with bribing the teacher to ensure their son got a position in a selective school. Just what kinds of morals and ethics are they teaching their children with that kind of behaviour?

I've always been of the opinion that if somebody studies well then they will get good marks and have a successful life. My brother went to a State Government school, and he still graduated from University with both a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and a PhD. And he never took extra courses or went to a selective school.

A selective school is not guaranteed to give a child an enriching and fulfilling life or get good academic marks. OTOH, a child with a love for learning and good study habits is guaranteed of having a successful life. I wish more parents realised the difference.


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