Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 12/10/2008

The Howard Years – Reevaluating my views

I was watching the very last episode of The Howard Years on ABC iView. I admit upfront, I'm not a big fan of John Howard's policies, but I've never hated him the way so many on the Political Left has. He was the PM for 11 successful years. You may disagree with him, but you've gotta admit it was a very successful political career.

The series has forced me to reevaluate quite a few of my own negative opinions about John Howard (the person). I still think Workchoices was an example of idealogy triumphing over practicality. What surprised me about the Aboriginal intervention is that both Mal Brough and John Howard were motivated by a need to help the Aboriginal people, rather than any racist motivitations.

In conclusion, from what little I've seen: John Howard's personal conduct towards his allies, friends and family (with the exception of Peter Costello) were impeccable. That revelation surprised me greatly. But I think it was his idealogically driven policies that eventually brought him down.


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