Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 12/17/2008

Object Oriented Design in Visual Basic 6…no, seriously

And the obvious question is – why would you want to implement object-oriented design in VB6 when you could use VB.NET (or C#) instead? It's because I have a legacy VB6 application that I don't have time to port into VB.NET.

Previously, I copied the Business-Layer/Data-Layer design of an older Visual Basic 6 application. Looking back on it, that was a huge mistake as the design got more and more complex as more parts were added to it. For instance, adding an extra entity to the project mean implementing extra subroutines in at least 3 different modules. Encapsulating each of the methods into a related object class meant the changes only had to be made to 1 module, which simplifies the coding and maintenance costs considerably.

It's still doesn't come close to the kind of flexibility and freedom that VB.NET (or C#) will give you. But encpasulating common methods and attributes into class modules makes the software application much more maintaineable. At least until I can find the time to port this application into C#.


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