Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 12/18/2008

Sometimes, websites can be a b****

I've always felt that testing an application before migrating it to production was very important. So it's rather embarrassing when I actually broke my own rule. I'd promised to add a Crystal Report to a website by a certain date. Unfortunately, I hadn't taken into account the implementation-specific issues involved with adding a Crystal Report to a .NET website. If I'd actually taken the time to test it on the Development webserver first, maybe this wouldn't have happened.

I've had some work-related successes this year, so it's disappointing to end the year on that kind of screw-up. On a more positive note, I have learned an important lesson, which is not to rush into implementing a change before I'm absolutely certain that you know it'll work. And as I often firmly remind myself – it's not the fact that you screwed up and made a mistake, it's whether or not you learn something from the experience.


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