Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 12/22/2008

A Life Sentence

I shook my head when I read this news in the paper –

Two 18-year-olds who went out "curry bashing" in January and killed
academic Zhongjun Cao for his wallet and mobile phone will serve just
two years in a youth detention centre for the vicious and random fatal

Both they and their friends will see this very light sentence as vindication for their actions, rather than as a deterrent. The message that the court is sending out isn't at all what they intend: That if you decide to bash somebody and kill them, it's okay because you'll only get two years in prison.

And people wonder why the world can sometimes be a screwed up place.



  1. Sad eh? This country has many wonderful things, but the weak criminal justice system is definitely not one of them.

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