Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 01/07/2009

So Ecstacy pills are okay but Sunglasses are banned?

Remind me never to visit the Sydney Cricket Grand. According to Herald reporter Steve Meacham, it's perfectly okay to pop ecstacy tablets, but it's not okay to wear sunglasses.

So it came as a surprise when one exclaimed loudly, "Shit. I
thought this was a one-day international. Test matches are bloody
boring!" How can he know he has to wear pink and not know it's the
third Test. The answer soon became apparent. With their first beers, they
all took an ecstasy tablet, scored – apparently – for $20 a pop. I
can understand how a mind-altering drug may heighten emotions at an
all-night rave but at a Test match?

The security guard –
sorry "crowd safety" officer – ordered me to remove my sunglasses.
Why? "It's the law," he said triumphantly. "So the bar staff can
see your eyes and check whether you're intoxicated." Fair enough,
but is it really the law, I asked my brother-in-law, a lawyer. He
didn't think so, yet soon the crowd safety team had another

Incidents like these make idiots out of Security (not to mention the law) at the SCG. How can it be perfectly acceptable to encourage people at the cricket to scarf ecstacy like lollipops, but wearing sunglasses to buy a beer is a legal offence?


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