Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 01/14/2009

Supporting the environment Nazism

Apparently Barnaby Joyce is so desperate to prove a point he's fulfilled Godwin's Law.

Senator Joyce
rejected a suggestion he was a climate change denier and drew a
parallel with the Holocaust, the murder of millions of Jews and others
by the Nazis during World War II. "Climate change denier, like
Holocaust denier, this is the sort of emotive language that has become
stitched up in this (emissions trading) issue," he said.

He could've found a far more responsible way to frame his remarks (eg.
"I disagree with Emissions trading and here's why…") rather than
calling everybody that cares about the environment a Nazi.
Inflammatory remarks like these make me incredibly grateful that the Coalition is no longer in power, and that Barnaby Joyce is no longer in a position to do any lasting damage.



  1. I agree that the scheme is rubbish from another point of view: it gives most of the money back to the major polluters.
    But Barnaby is also going to get into trouble with the consistency police over on the one hand saying calling him a “denier” is bad because that sounds like “holocaust denier” then calling other people Nazis. Either calling people Nazis is unacceptable, or it isn’t. If it’s unacceptable in an indirect form (it takes some imagination to link “denier” with the holocaust), why is it acceptable to say directly?

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Philip. I wish Barnaby Joyce had thought about that before opening his mouth.

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