Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 01/21/2009

A Moment in History?

So…America now has it's first African-American President. Regardless of which side of the political divide you stand on, congratulations on what was (to me, anyway) quite a momentous event. I'm normally quite cynical about Politics, but President Obama's rise to power has caught my attention unlike any other political figure in my lifetime.

My own mother and father both watched the Inauguration live at 3am in the morning, and were still watching the event when I left at 8am. That shows just how much interest this event has garnered from people all around the world.

I first saw one of his speeches on YouTube ("A More Perfect Union"), and I was impressed with his impassioned oratory combined with that cool levelheadedness that he always seems to exude. At first, I wondered whether this guy could be the real deal? After all, political leaders like these only exist in Hollywood Movies.

I've been impressed by his willingness to deal with peoples on both sides of the political divide. By his exhortations to Americans to put community ahead of their own self-centered needs. By his powerful oratororial delivery – the best I've ever seen in my lifetime. And by his intelligence and open-mindedness. Not to mention the fact he can speak proper English – always a plus in the World's Most Powerful Man.

Could this man make a great President? The signs are looking very promising that he will.


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