Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 01/27/2009

So is this how we celebrate Australia Day now?

I've never indulged in chest-beating when it comes to my love for my country. I'm well aware that this kind of behaviour was encouraged during the Howard era. I was never tempted, precisely because I knew what kind of behaviour it would lead to – events like these.

Australia Day celebrations took a turn for the worse
when a crowd of teenagers clashed with police in the Sydney suburb of
Manly. The police riot squad was called in yesterday afternoon when up to
80 drunk young people jumped on top of cars and smashed windows as they
ran up and down Manly's Corso.

One girl received cuts after some of the people involved smashed her car window, and was taken to hospital for treatment. Despite reports that some teenagers yelled racial abuse, the police say the group were boisterous and patriotic but not racist.

Reminder to self: Don't ever go to Manly.

As for what caused the race riots: It does show a certain level of immaturity when every single time we need to celebrate our Australian-ness, we instinctively use racial abuse to cement our superiority. I'm well aware that racial abuse is the official national pastime for Australia's youth.

That doesn't mean I have to like it.


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