Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 01/28/2009

Too Late

It seems only now, that the Authorities are noticing that the Aussie flag and other symbols have been hijacked by bogans and racists.

THE symbol of Australian pride is being hijacked by a new breed of
hooligans who drape themselves in the national flag before embarking on
hate-filled rampages. The show of patriotism has resulted in a surge in the number of young
people getting Australian-themed tattoos, including the boxing kangaroo
and the Southern Cross.

And just why exactly is it that we never heard a single comment from any of these groups several years ago when the Cronulla Riots occurred? Why was there never any attempt to curtail this behaviour when John Howard was in power?

What a bunch of hypocrites. They were happy to take the credot amd turn a blind eye to the damage, and only now do they realise the cost.


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