Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 02/02/2009

Another Conservative policy comes home to roost

It's generally agreed by the internet hoi-polloi that "unemployed people are lazy good-for-nothing welfare bludgers". I reserve my opinion because I suspect the reality is more complex than that. Visit any Current Affairs forum, and you'll see the same sentiments everywhere. So I doubt that there'll be much sympathy for the people being fired from their jobs

THOUSANDS of newly retrenched workers are excluded from unemployment
benefits and help from Job Network agencies due to punitive rules on
savings and redundancy payments that are wrong for the times, a welfare
advocacy group says.

The network is calling on the Federal Government to review the rules,
some of which were tightened under the Howard government, but which
have not been properly tested in the 15 years of a buoyant labour

Keep in mind that the very same people expressing antipathy towards the unemployed are now trying to get the dole themselves. How ironic.


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