Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 02/02/2009

Whatever happened to the fair go?

Following on from the last post, if you want an example of how Australia is no longer the country of the fair go – then here it is.

A MOTHER-OF-FIVE has been made redundant and told to get out of her
company house only weeks after saving the life of one of her bosses. Sharon and David Hegyi have been sacked after seven years at
Tipperary Station  in the Northern Territory - just weeks after Sharon
saved the life of one of her bosses.

So the boss they saved gets several weeks off on sick leave, but still keeps his job. While the hard-working wife and husband with five kids gets fired for saving their bosses life. Just what exactly has 11 years of Conservative political rule transformed our country into? Are we really that selfish and self-centered now?

As for Tipperary Station…well, they can get stuffed quite frankly. What a bunch of tossers. And I wish Sharon and David Hegyl all the very best in finding a new job. Hopefully they'll find an employee that will treat them with a bit more decency and respect. After their actions, they certainly deserve it.


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