Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 02/09/2009

The next time somebody says that what Firefighters do isn’t heroic…

I suggest you point them to this story. I've seen plenty of "intellectual" debates on forums poo-pooing the idea that what Emergency workers, Firefighters and Police Officers do is heroic. Well, I suggest to those idiots that they read this article, and think again –

Mr Adamson said many of his fellow firefighters had battled blazes
with severe burns and on two hours' sleep as the fire refused to let
them rest.

"We were trying to finish up yesterday afternoon
and every time we tried to finish up we just couldn't, there was
another call and you just had to go to that one whether you could or
you couldn't, or whether you had the physical ability to do so, you
just had to go," he said.

"You just have to."

It's easy to sneer when you're not the one in danger. When your house and your life is in danger, these are the brave men and women we rely on to save the our lives and the lives of our fellow Australians. To those people who put their lives on the line in these situations, I say thank you.


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