Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 02/10/2009

Just like being there

I like to think I have a vivid imagination. Sometimes, I wish it weren't quite that vivid

WHEN policeman Roger Wood drove past the Pheasant Creek supermarket on
Saturday he found about 50 people huddling there, hoping to escape the
ferocity of the fire that was due to sweep over them. He told an off-duty colleague who was with them that he would check
the road ahead and call back. It was clear — he phoned and told them to
pile into cars and race to the CFA station at Kinglake West.

They did. Just minutes after they arrived, the flames roared over
them. They all survived. The supermarket was not so lucky; it burned to
the ground. Kinglake is now full of stories about the fateful hand of chance
during Saturday's wild fire: the lucky escapes and the ghastly
accidents. The one for whom everyone feels is the man who took his
children to his parent's home for safety. He ended up losing them all.

What can you say, but there for the grace of god go I.


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