Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 02/11/2009

And if you wanted an example of bureacratic insensitivity

Both my parents are self-funded retirees, but unfortunately they still need to deal with Centrelink on a regular basis for things like Senior discounts on medicines. So I've had second-hand accounts of Centrelink's customer-unfriendliness and bureacratic stupidity. Here's another example –

Less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told Parliament
grieving families' stress was compounded by their loss of legal
identification, journalist and survivor Gary Hughes wrote an open
letter to Mr Rudd attacking Centrelink officials' unreasonable demands.

Hughes, who escaped with his wife as flames swallowed their St Andrews home on Saturday, asked Mr Rudd to cut red tape. "Survivors
unable to produce identification were told they needed at the very
least a copy of a bank statement to prove who they were," he wrote.

"Come back with a bank statement, they were told, and their applications for emergency relief would be processed. "Kevin,
how are people who most likely have also lost their cars supposed to
get ot their bank and back? Catch a bus? Beg a lift on a passing fire

No doubt Centrelink's ardent internet defenders and anti-welfare commentators will say "And just why should we have any sympathy for these people?". Well, it might be because these people have been through a horrifically traumatising event where (through no fault of their own) their houses were burned down and they had to watch as many of their own friends or family were killed. So in the middle of the most horrific experiences of their lives where all of their possessions were destroyed, they're expected to produce a Bank Statement?!!?

Centrelink – doing everything to make your life an absolute misery.


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