Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 02/16/2009

…And this is why I don’t read comics anymore

I don't always agree with Devin Faraci at But he's always an interesting writer who has a contrary opinion to the "geek mainstream". Occasionally he writes articles that I find insightful and intelligent. His article on why the Financial Crisis means the end of comic books as we know it is one of them.

I love comic books. I love the medium as a way of telling stories; I
think that like film it's a limitless form, one that can be used to
tell any story and in any way. The marriage of art and words is
magical, and opens so many doors for storytellers. Which is why it's so
depressing that most of them remain closed in the world of mainstream
comics. For longer than I've been alive the superhero has dominated the
comic landscape; the phrase 'comic book movie' specifically means
'superhero movie.' The superhero is the face of comic books to the
general public. I don't believe I have ever seen a medium so completely
and fully dominated by one genre before. Imagine if the vast majority
of movies available to the public were Westerns and you begin to see
what the world of comic books – mainstream comic books – is like.

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