Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 02/20/2009

And just how do these remarks help getting elected?

I've always accepted as a rule that Pensioners support the Coalition. They're in an older age bracket, so they have conservative views, and the Coalition is a conservative party (duh). I thought that older people were a demographic that the Coalition wouldn't want to alienate. Especially if they want to get elected.

Well, they have.

Mr Abbott said the "sunny optimism" of the Howard era was no longer,
warning that the Rudd Government might have to rethink its promise to
lift pensions across the board, the Herald Sun reports.

Prominent Glenroy pensioner Shirley Grant described Mr Abbott's comments as "bulldust". The
outspoken campaigner for a better deal for pensioners said the need for
a rise in benefits was becoming more and more desperate.

So…Mr. Abbott does remember that the people he's riling up all vote, right?


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