Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 02/22/2009

An article that perfectly sums up my views about modern religion

I'm quite happy with the concept of god. I'm not an absolutist who believes that my scientific view of the world has to preclude the existence of god entirely. I don't "believe" in evolution, because evolution is not a belief – it's a scientific theory. And there's enough strong evidence out there to persuade me that it's a theory that explains life on our planet very well. Just because current scientific knowledge can't explain how god and the theory of evolution can exist side-by-side, doesn't stop me from hoping that science might someday be able to do so. I'm not sure how to reconcile these two issues – I do know that I'm not prepared to dump my support in either.

I can easily imagine a Religious fundamentalist making fun of me for
supporting the scientific theory of Evolution. I can also easily
imagine a Richard Dawkins-loving Atheist calling me stupid for having the temerity to believe
that there might be a God when there's no scientific evidence to
support such an entity even exists. That's the biggest problem I have with Fundamentalism and absolutism of any kind, is that it doesn't allow for those kind of flexible viewpoints, or to tolerate a viewpoint different from your own.

Juliette Hughes touches on just these issues in an article from The Age. Adherence to Fundamentalist dogma like this is exactly the reason why I refuse to join Religious organizations of any kind. I refuse to give up my Free Will just to adhere to a set of narrow minded beliefs that border on outright bigotry and hatred. I was taught to examine all the facts, and then make up my mind. Not make up my mind and then ignore the evidence. Which seems to be the biggest problem with debate on the Internet nowadays – and the reason why I refuse to join in. It just isn't worth the effort when neither "side" is willing to listen to the other.


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