Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 02/27/2009

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

I used to work for IBM Australia 5 years ago, and left when my job was offshored to India. Telstra was our client. Although I don't have any stories of direct experiences with them, I heard enough from other people to know they weren't an easy company to deal with. My perception of Telstra from that time, was a company that treated its Customers, its Employees and its own Shareholders with contempt. And that was just during the Ziggy Switkowski era. And then along came Sol Trujillo – who seems to have treated everybody with contempt. And now he's leaving

After four years in which he attacked both the current and former
governments and took repeated action against regulators, the challenges
that his successor will face include rebuilding relationships with
stakeholders and reaching the ambitious targets – including earnings
and an IT overhaul – of its five-year turnaround plan by the end of
next year.

I agree with Michael Pascoe's analysis of the situation –

Trujillo's mistake from the start in Australia was thinking he could
bully the little Australian government. No, Canberra isn't some pissant
western state where the locals elect their sheriffs and judges. Despite speaking similar languages, Australia and the US are very different countries with different cultures.

If US Corporate culture is that hyper-aggressive with everybody – governments, regulators, customers, employees and shareholders, then I'll never ever work in the US.


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