Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 04/02/2009

You wanna scream “Hallelujah” in my face, can you do it somewhere else?

I'm not comfortable with Ultra-Conservative Evangelical Religious groups protesting in Australia (of any kind). As far as I'm aware, Australia doesn't have a Bill of Rights and the Right to Protest isn't enshrined in law. But that doesn't stop these Religious Zealots getting in people's faces anyway.

About a dozen demonstrators staged a "die-in" in Federation Square
this morning, lying down in the foetal position and shrouding
themselves in red fabric to represent aborted babies.

also displayed graphic posters of aborted foetuses, gave away flyers to
passers-by and shouted their message using megaphones. While the protest was peaceful, several bystanders expressed their disgust at the anti-abortionists' behaviour.

The scary part is, these kinds of groups aren't interested in winning public support. They just want to get in people's faces and shove their philosophies down people's unwilling throats. Something that really annoys me greatly.


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