Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 04/08/2009

Behold the Giant White Elephant?

Everybody in Australia (that cares) has heard about the Federal Government's NBN Announcement. I've already heard Sunrise just this morning compare this to the Snowy Mountain Scheme. I scoff at such comparisons for one simple reason: Future-Proofing.

Consider this: In 2001, when ADSL was first introduced by Telstra, we were told by Ziggy that the maximum speed possible was 512kbps. In 2009, the maximum speed across Telstra's ADSL network is approximately 20Mbps if you have ADSL2. If we can increase our speed by a factor of ~20 in only 7 years, just how much faster will it be in another 8 years? 100MBps doesn't seem so fast now, does it? 8 years later we'll still be behind every other country because our network doesnt' fly along at 1TBps.

And let's not forget that any Government is renowned for bureacracy more than anything else. Does anyone seriously think that any Government can deliver this in 8 years? And what if (or when) the Coalition win the next election and scrap the idea?

Plenty of reasons why this won't work, and very few reasons that it will.


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