Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 04/09/2009

Sell yourself

As an IT Developer, I've always considered software development skills (ie. designing, coding and testing) to be the most important qualities a Developer should have. I was having a conversation with a colleague today, and much to my surprise he said the most important aspect was selling yourself.

On reflection, he's absolutely right. If you present a positive attitude about your work to people, that's how people will perceive you. Come to think of it, all the positive outcomes I've gotten from my career have come when I've been able to confidently sell my ability to other people. That's how I got the job I have now – for which I'm very very thankful.

The only caveat is, it takes years to develop those kinds of "marketing" skills. One good example from another profession is the great Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. For the past decade Studio Ghibli has failed to successfully market his work to mainstream American audiences. Miyazaki himself admits that Walt Disney was a better producer than he was. Proof positive that marketing your ability is important.


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