Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 05/26/2009

Wow, somebody’s a sore loser

Sol Trujillo and Dick Cheney both have something in common – they're both Republicans, and neither one of them will stay quiet after they've left office. In Trujillo's latest whinge, he accuses everybody in Australia of being racist –

Controversial former Telstra chief Sol Trujillo has taken a swipe
at Australia, describing the nation he called home for four years as
racist, backward and like "stepping back in time". Asked
in a BBC interview whether there was racism in Australia, Mr Trujillo
said: "I think it was evident in a lot of ways with me personally but
more importantly with others."

Mr Trujillo, who
earned millions at the helm of the one-time taxpayer-owned
telecommunications giant, cited what he described as "restrictive"
historical immigration policies and "events over the past five or 10
years" that the report did not specify.

A few things: Firstly, why didn't Trujillo say anything while he was still living here? I find it hard to believe that the CEO of the most powerful company in Australia would ever be subjected to racial abuse. Secondly, my personal opinion based on my own visit to the US is that Australians is no more racist than the US is. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Finally, I find it ironic that a member of a political party that is so extremist they make Stormfront look like pussycats, is accusing Australia of being 'racist'. With those kind of offensive remarks, I'm glad Sol Trujillohas left Australia. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


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