Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 06/05/2009

Attack of the Stupids

It's not often nowadays that I get a case of the grumpies – unfortunately today is one such day. Mostly, it's a case of small minor irritating events culminating in my general state of grumpiness.

I normally buy my own milk for work. The staff there prefer it if we dump the milk before it passes its due by date – fair enough, otherwise it'd stink up the fridge. So I was really irritated when I opened the fridge to grab my milk, and found it had disappeared. The stupid thing was, the milk wasn't due until a fortnight later. I now have to spend $3.20 on buying another full carton of milk. Why can't people be bothered to read the due dates before making an executive decision? This time, I've labelled the milk carton with my name, and put the due date in BIG BLOCK LETTERS. We'll see whether that actually works.

The next irritiating event occurred while I was walking in the city at lunchtime. As I walked past two young men in business suits, one of them derisively remarked "Nee-how, fucker.". Now, ordinarily I try not to let racial abuse get to me. For every racist there are 1000 other people out there that aren't. This time, I don't know whether it was a combination of the miserable weather or my own gloomy mood, but this time I seriously contemplated shirt-fronting them about their behaviour. Of course, getting into a physical confrontation with two young men would've been an incredibly bad move.

I've been mulling over why I would ever have contemplated taking such actions. I think it comes down to my own viewpoint on the young male generation of today: We read so many newsstories about young men being involved in racist attacks (like the 'Curry Bashing' incidents in Melbourne), or other obnoxious behaviour. I guess I thought that confronting them would drag these two young men back into line. Of course, the more realistic result would probably have been me going to hospital with broken bones.

I have to constantly remind myself at times like those – not everybody is a racist. Of course you're going to get some assholes that don't know any better, but they're few and far between, even in a place like Tasmania. The best thing to do is focus on the good people in my life – like my colleagues at work (wonderful people, all of them), my family and my friends.


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