Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 06/09/2009

Windows 7 – it really works

On the long weekend, I finally took the plunge and installed Windows 7 on my PC. I'd heard quite a few positive reviews on Microsoft's latest OS, and I was curious to try it out. My biggest concern was hardware compatibility – WinXP never automatically installs hardware drivers, so they have to be installed separately.

Much to my surprise, the installation took less than 30 minutes, as compared to the 3 hours it takes to install WinXP. And almost all the hardware drivers were automatically detected – even the network wireless card, which never happened on WinXP. Only the soundcard (a Sound Blaster X-Fi) needed to be separately installed.

Apart from the Aero user interface (which has been covered elsewhere), there are two things that stand out about Windows 7 –

  • Application compatibility: The basic rule seems to be that if it can run on Vista then it'll run on Win7. In my case, Firefox is even more stable on Win7 than it was on WinXP (where it would cause a BSOD once in a while).
  • OS Stability: The OS is surprisingly stable, which is extraordinary for a product that is only a Release Candidate. Startup and Shutdown are (in my case) even faster than WinXP was. And my network connection is incredibly stable right out of the box – which never happened with WinXP.

The only thing Win7 can't do is play Blu-Rays natively. Apart from that, Windows 7 is an impressive effort by Microsoft. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone with a mid-range PC or above.


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