Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 06/30/2009

Is Firefox still better than Internet Explorer?

I've been using the Firefox browser at both work and home for the past few years, and up til' now I've never regretted it. It's more stable than Internet Explorer 6, and has add-ons that can block both those annoying flash ads and the occasional malicious pop-up. However, lately Firefox has been freezing for several minutes at a time – both at startup and while loading webpages. It's even caused BSOD's on my home PC while using Windows XP. These problems are starting to make me wonder whether or not Firefox is still a better browser than IE.

To further my doubts, Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8, which has very smiliar features to Firefox, such as tabbed browsing. It doesn't have all the features that Firefox has – such as add-ons, extensions and themes. But it's still more stable than Firefox 3.0, and doesn't cause my PC to crash.

Mozilla is going to have to knock their next release for Firefox out of the ballpark to convince me to still use their software. It does show just how important browsers have become to our internet experience.


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