Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 07/03/2009

Hypocrisy, anyone?

I was having a discussion with my father this morning about racism in this country. He pointed out that even if 99% of the people you meet everyday aren't racist, it's the 1% that are the most dangerous. So imagine my surprise when I read that a radio presenter for a Multicultural radio station was a member of openly racist groups on Facebook

Terrie-Anne Verney, a presenter and sales representative for
Griffith FM radio station 2MIA, was the administrator of the group
"F— Off, We're Full" and had also joined several Facebook groups
including "Stop the Islamisation of Australia while we still can",
"Australian Conservative United Party", the "Australian Protectionist
Party" and "Australians against Multiculturalism".

posts on the site she ridiculed foreigners who did not have a good
grasp of English, claimed the Islamic faith was destroying the
Australian way of life and said that attacked Indian students should go
back home to study.

For the record, I think there are serious problems with relationships between ethnic groups in this country that Governments are failing to deal with. Just take a look at any race-related thread in any internet forum – the level of dissatisfaction (and occasional bigotry) expressed there is nothing short of astounding. There's a reason why Far Right-wing groups have had such huge memberships over the last few years. Until the whole Australian community and Governments fairly and honestly address these ethnic tensions, we're going to keep on having these problems. I believe the solution lies in an inclusive approach – people like Ms. Verney believe in a policy of exclusion and apartheid.

What's most amazing is that the radio station hasn't immediately terminated her employment. As a Sales representative, she'd be dealing with non-white Australians on an almost regular basis. Not to mention hosting a radio show gives her a chance to air views that will incite violence and hatred. Her racist viewpoints are completely incompatible with a multicultural radio station. If the radio station wants to restore any credibility or trust, they should terminate her employment immediately. I'm sure that the shock-jock radio stations, or maybe one of the racist Far-right wing groups she loves so much, will be more than happy to give her a job. It's where she belongs.


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