Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 09/22/2009

A slap in the face for the True Believers

I confess to not being a fanatic about Aussie Rules, but I totally respect the game, its traditions and its passionate fans. So when I read an article that claims the AFL are selling out the True Believers for Corporate profits, I'm very disappointed.

It is injustice on a mass scale – tens of thousands of loyal, passionate
footy club members who turn up to watch their teams every week, through good
times and wretched, denied entry on the one day for which some have been waiting
most of their lives.

In their place at the 'G will be tens of thousands of corporate blow-ins,
freeloaders and other ''theatre-goers'' who won't particularly care about the
result, who would never show up at a regular Saints-Cats game, but who have the
cash or connections to jump the queue on grand final day.

No other major public event or institution in this city has been so
comprehensively hijacked by commercial interests to the detriment of so many
people – and of the occasion itself.

My mother invited me to a Quiz Night held by the local Table Tennis Association. Unfortunately it was held on the same night as the Collingwood vs Adelaide Crows AFL Match. During the last Quarter there was a mass migration from the Club room to the Bar to see the dying minutes of the game. The enthusiasm was infectious, and it really was a great example of how sport can unite everyone, regardless of their background. It's dissapointing to see passionate supporters such as these being sold-out on Grand Final Day.


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