Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 12/15/2009

Jetstar on my no-fly list

Reading about incidents like the one involving Jetstar refusing to allow a blind couple onboard the plane with their guide dog, or their poor handling of Mesha Sendyk, make me grateful that I don't have to fly with Jetstar on a regular basis. If I have to fly anywhere domestically, both I and my brother are inclined to use Virgin Blue. They might not be as cheap, but my experiences with them have always been positive.

Alright, granted that Virgin Blue have had their fair share of snafus as well. But I get the impression they handle situations better. And I'm not entirely sure what the story was with Mesha Sendyk. Was she really as obnoxious as Jetstar claims? The witness statements don't seem to back that up. And just how clueless would you have to be to not allow a blind couple on board an airplane when there's no legal reason to ban them? I'm well aware that people will argue "there must be more to this story…", and we should give Jetstar the benefit of a doubt. What's clear to me is that the culture at Jetstar values profit over customer service. I refuse to fly with an airline that's quite happy to take my money but spit in my face at the same time.


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