Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 12/24/2009

Learning to be Agile

I've an admission to make: my workplace still uses the Waterfall model to design its applications. Our Team Leader has described Agile development as "chaos", so I doubt that policy will change anytime soon. As a result, the adoption of Test Driven Development in other organizations has completely passed me by.

As it isn't very likely I'll ever get a chance to use Agile development in my current workplace, I've decided to do my own research on it. I thought this book was a rather good place to start. I'm also currently reading this article. What I've learned thus far is that there's AMDD (Agile Model Driven Development), and TDD (Test Driven Development). Both development philosophies look perfect for the small application that I want to develop. They both encourage use of iterative modeling and testing, which I find interesting.

As a Developer, it's important that I ensure that my programming, testing and design skills are up-to-date. I suspect that learning how to use Agile development properly is going to be an important part of that process. I hope someday I get a chance to use it.


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