Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 02/05/2010

Time for companies to embrace the internet

My brother was here on holiday over the Christmas period. I was quite shocked to discover he had downloaded 6GB of movies from the internet in one evening. Obviously, things had gotten a little out of control.

"So you were using my internet connection to download movies illegally?". 

Mark explained to me that he had actually downloaded the movies legally from iTunes. So thankfully neither me nor my brother will be prosecuted by AFACT in Court.

Of course, if you're to believe AFACT and their supporters all movie downloads from the internet are illegal. As Apple has clearly showed with iTunes, this is clearly not the case. Until Entertainment companies learn how to use the internet to sell their products, they'll be at the mercy of companies like Apple and Amazon who do now how to innovate in this area.


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