Posted by: Spacehamster74 | 11/30/2010

Steve Tucker’s story

For personal reasons, I can deeply empathize with Steve Tucker's story. Especially when it comes to his difficulties in dating girls – it's a problem that I've had since I was a teenager. The reasons were the same, but the causes were different: "Why would any girl want to date someone as fat, stupid and ugly as me?".

My story is not about "Romeo & Juliet", it is about every kid being bullied in the school yard. It is about teenage kids committing suicide because they feel worthless. It is about people dealing with disability; those who cannot communicate their suffering and the families that care for these people tirelessly. It is about telling peer pressure to go f— itself. It's childish behaviour and it impacts our adult lives in ways we don't see. It is about gender stereotypes (both of them) and social conditioning. It is about mental health and getting help if needed.

I'm telling my side to stop the bullshit and telling disadvantaged people: "You can win. I am proof of this. But you must have a go to give yourself a fighting chance at a happy life."

Some people might think Steve's actions that were initially reported in the media were foolhardy. But I deeply understand the reasons for why he did what he did.


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