About Me

I grew up in Tasmania, Australia. The very first film I ever saw was Star Wars in 1977, and from then on I was a geek. I’ve been a fan of Star Trek and Doctor Who since I was 12. Unfortunately, as I was socially isolated during my teenage years, so I never did acquaint myself with Role-Playing Games or the other social rituals and pastimes that geeks take for granted. I guess you might say I’m a self-made geek.

My favourite authors at the moment are Neil Gaiman, John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton. My day job is as a Software Developer. Which seems inevitable when you consider the huge influence that SF and geekdom in general has had on computing (and vice versa). My favourite IT bloggers are Signals vs Noise (from 37Signals) and Coding Horrors. I feel very blessed and privileged to work in a profession that has had such a huge impact on the modern world. As a geek and an IT Professional, I really do believe we are living in the future – and I love it!


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